Tips for Installation of Deadbolt Locks


Before you begin installation of a deadbolt lock on your door, you should determine whether your installation will be in wood, fiberglass or steel door. This will guide you when it comes to buying the correct tools suitable for your door material. It is advisable that you always refer to the installation instructions provided by the manufacturer to ensure that you follow the right procedure. The door thickness should be between 1-3/8 and 1-3/4 inches as most of the deadbolts are designed to fit doors of this range.

The first step is to bore a hole for the new Deadbolt. Determine the exterior location of the new deadbolt lock assembly. It is advisable that you install the deadbolt 6-12 inches from the doorknob. The next thing you should do is draw a horizontal line on the exterior side of the door where you are supposed to install the deadbolt. You should also do this on the door frame. The manufacturer recommends a back-set and you should mark it according to the instructions given by the manufacturer. The manufacturer also provides templates and you should place it at the horizontal line and attach it to the door according to the instructions. You can remove the door from the hinges and saw horses which will help a lot with the drilling and boring.

You will need to drill 1/8 inch holes for the screws on the door if you are using a door lock installation kit with a jig. On the other hand, you will need to use tape to secure a paper template to the door and mark the holes you are going to drill with a pencil. Then secure the jig to the edge of the door with face-plate screws.  Learn how to install deadbolt lock with these steps in

A 2-1/8-inch hole saw will be used to drill a hole for the Deadboltlock assembly and for you to prevent splintering the door, you are advised to drill halfway on one side then flip the door, go to the other side and drill through. Get a 1-inch hole saw that is going to drill the deadbolt shaft hole from the edge of the door to the center. You can then remove the template or jig from the door. Select a face-plate and create a mortise for the face-plate on the door. Finally, slide the deadbolt onto the drilled hole and chisel around the edge so that the face-plate is flush with the edge of the door.


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